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On-demand video resources for counsellors and counselling trainees

The Counselling Channel produces a wide range of films on all aspects of counselling education and training. Using the expertise of counsellors, psychotherapists and film-makers we focus on how counselling can be used to address life's challenges and promote good mental health.

Over the years our production team has learned how to film sensitive material which a less experienced crew would find very difficult to achieve. We provide a warm, caring environment in which participants are able to relax and forget about the lights and cameras.

The response from our audiences, including the general public, is highly positive - our YouTube Channel has more top 20 video clips than any other organisation when searching for the term “counselling” including four out of the top 10.

We work with and licence content to a number of leading organisations in the UK, including Relate and the Open University together with Alexander Street Press in the United States and SAGE who have selected a number of our films for global distribution.